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Gutter Tips

Use these tips and suggestions to get the best performance and longevity out of your gutter investment.

Feel free to contact us with any further questions or to schedule a service.

Spring Checklist

Springtime is a great time to clean gutters, since melting snow always leaves behind dirt. If you have a lot of trees on your property, cleaning is an important part of keeping your home in good shape.  Consider installing our leaf guard to keep clogs and cleaning maintenance at a minimum.

Winter Preparation

One last check of your gutters before snowfall is a great preventative measure to take.  Make sure the last of the falling leaves haven't plugged your downspouts and ensure all gutter runs are properly fastened.  The weight of snow and ice can be hard on your gutters, especially when they need to begin draining as the temperatures rise.

Downspout Clogging

Remove the downspout extension, if present, to expose the bottom opening. This is especially important if the downspout is connected to an underground drain.  Remove any debris by hand that you can, then begin flushing the downspout with a garden hose.  Sometimes, the use of a leaf blower or long pole may be required to break up tough clogs.  Flush until steady water flow or all debris is removed.

Cleaning & Flushing

Annual gutter cleaning is a suggested practice in our region.  If you have trees near your home, twice a year may be a good idea.  Remove any debris by hand or with a plastic scoop (be sure not to throw in your yard to avoid dead spots or sludge).  Use a bucket or garden hose to rinse the gutters and downspouts thoroughly.  Always use precaution when climbing on your roof or using ladders.

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